Web Editor, What does this New Web Profession Consist of?

by Lisa_Baker

Today, let’s tackle a subject directly related to content writing and this profession that is emerging and becoming more and more important over time.

What does this profession consist of? Find below some answers on the tasks and the method followed on a daily basis by this net professional.

Research, the basis of copywriting

The web editor must be versatile. Before embarking headlong into writing, he must fundamentally go through the research phase. Through images, blog articles, competitor’s sites or books, he must learn and train on the topic, to be able to write relevant and interesting content.

The web editor has the advantage of having a fresh eye on the subject. He must ask himself a multitude of questions “what issues will interest Internet users?” “,” What are the targets? “,” What information would be useful to me if I had to buy this product? “. According to his different research angles, he will be able to build original blog articles, relevant pages, complete product sheets. In short, create unique content that has added value.

It is possible, by working with an editor, to provide them with the subjects according to the request. However, it is essential to see with him the feasibility and if there are additional subjects that could be addressed to broaden the subject.

The customer often has his head in the handlebars and no longer even sees that his activity can be treated from an ecological point of view, playful, historical or unusual. Something that the editor can highlight.

Then the copywriter needs to get organized and create an outline. The division in Hn has no real secrets for him. He must know how to ventilate its content and make it readable and affordable.

Of course, the tone used is not the same for a B to B or B to C site, but it must make a problem interesting and affordable to the first comer. The best way to scare the reader away is to use too sharp jargon or convoluted sentences that are too long.

Writing content

Of course, the writer must have an easy pen, with good spelling and impeccable syntax like AnimeSprout. It can have editorial constraints such as the minimum or the maximum number of words and the presence of keywords.

That’s why when working with a copywriter, you need to be clear when placing the order. The latter will not have a way to approach a subject in 300 words and 1,500 words.
The web editor must have time to write. Anticipate your orders. To have quality, it is impossible to order a 3,500 word text one evening at 5 p.m. and have it ready to publish for the next morning at 9 a.m.

Can the web editor be a specialist in everything?

Yes and no. The more technical the subject, the more complex and difficult the information will be to understand. The writer can therefore work in direct contact with the client to take information at the source. Even as a freelancer, it is possible and even strongly recommended to include him in the work team, for the project in question.

Each editor has his favourite subjects: if you submit an article on administrative obligations in terms of land maintenance and pruning, to an editor who appreciates health / childcare / cooking / decoration / Entertainment(Kissanime and AmineSprout), this subject will ask for more. research and a greater investment of time to delve into the subject.

How to choose your editor?

The web editor is a professional like any other, who has his own way of working. This is a shadow worker. He writes in the name of a brand, a sign, an online store. He does not sign his writings with his name. There aren’t many well-known web editors.

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