Top 3 Ways To Pull Off Different T-shirts

by hasnain.alam

A T-shirt is a garment that started as an undergarment and gradually developed itself into workwear. Now T-shirts are the ultimate style essential and every man’s staple. The versatility of T-shirts is because T-shirts have lasted nearly all the trends. This single piece of clothing can be donned for any event, it can be a gym suit, beachwear, sleepwear and can even be worn for formal events with a suit at the same time. Just like every other good T-shirt Noir t-shirt is your true commodity. 

When all that is stated, the rules of pulling off t-shirts are rather simple and since we love T-shirts so much, it is imperative to understand whether we are making the most out of them. Therefore, start with safe colored t-shirts like black, grey and navy blue and try to pair them with appropriate knitwear, blazers, collared shirts or jackets. Once you are confident that you are doing justice with T-shirts, it is now the time to be a little experimental. Try different patterns, prints and colors and play with different materials to proudly own taste. 

To give you a kick of ideas, here is brief a guide to unhesitant pull on t-shirts of different types. 

For Printed T-shirts

Putting on a printed tee is not very different from wearing a plain t-shirt, however, a printed t-shirt gives you a bit of character.  Therefore, be it a printed tee with black and orange strip or the one that has embossed graphical writing, the rule is to keep it subtle. Those days the early 2000s are long gone, when there was branding pasted all over the t-shirts. Now the tees are designed to enhance your masculine features and not dominate them. So if you find yourself wearing loud bottoms, try to pair them with a solid colored tee along with subtle printed colors. Jeans also look fabulous with a nice printed t-shirt. So, get a pair of jeans of a similar color tone to your t-shirt or the one that gives a contrasting effect. 

For Plain T-shirt

Plain T-shirts can conveniently be paired with everything and can be pulled off by men with different builds. Getting plain tees in solid colors can prove to be very reliable for several occasions.

Although plain tees look best in warmer seasons, they can also look flattering during winters-if layered with the right clothes. In addition, plain t-shirts can go with a variety of shoes. So feel free to either pair your t-shirt with your fancy leather shoes or your casual sneakers. Runners can also work if you are going for the touch of an athletic look. If you are still unsure how to rock your plain t-shirt, try to go first with black, navy blue and grey and pair them with either washed jeans or plain black pants. It will give you a casual and cool aura, which is suitable for many places. If you are willing to put extra effort, then put on a bomber jacket, cardigan or standard denim jacket. 

For Cotton T-shirts

These t-shirts are durable, versatile and can be paired with a multitude other things, all the while keeping you comfortable. The only rule is to know what occasion you are going in, for a casual occasion, try wearing a printed t-shirt. You should feel free to play with different styles. 

T-shirts can be worn every day, but how you style them makes all the difference. Explore the variety of shirts at Noir LDN to make sure you find luxury and statement-making shirts for yourself.

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