Some of the Cheap Oppo Phones that are Worth your Money

by peter

Oppo is a brand of the much larger Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronic Corporation. This company, incidentally, also makes Vivo, Realme and OnePlus phones, all famous in their own right. Oppo phones are popular because they offer many features and come in innovative styles like foldable phones with great displays. 

You may think these are only synthetic features, but Oppo phones come with excellent processors and good storage capacity, so that phones, even the low budget ones, are a sensible option. 

If you require a first phone for your child, or a second phone for your work, this is a great brand to consider. You can find Oppo’s best mobiles in every segment, and offers excellent mobiles regardless of the price range. Oppo keeps its profit margins on the thin side, so it can offer customers more for less. Its success and profits lie in its ability to sell a large number of phones, so bulk quantity is equal to monetary gain for the brand. 


As far as Oppo phones are concerned, parts are made locally in China, and with the new Make In India initiative, it has opened factories to make its signature phones in India. Prices will get lower, as phones get more popular. With the youth of India as the brand’s largest customer base, Oppo is well known in the smallest or rural towns of India. You can buy an Oppo smartphone under low budget and it will have a lot going for it. 

Oppo phones’ features are so thoughtfully designed that they are very user-friendly. A person who has never used a mobile can pick up learning how to use it rapidly. This is a good option for parents too, as they don’t have to spend long hours teaching kids how to use the device. Oppo phones have gained more fame recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging and learning going online. 

Why Oppo Stands Out

Oppo phones stand out from the crowd. In the new range of affordable Oppo phones, some of them are A-series ones. These are phones that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will satisfy the young and old alike. With features like high storage capacity, big battery capacity and an AI dual camera set-up, some of these A-series models are the best Oppo phones you can get. 

Purchasing a phone, an affordable one at that, may seem impossible, especially when you want everything in it. However, you can buy an Oppo smartphone under 10,000 INR, with all the latest specs you can find in a phone, and thereby have your cake and eat it too. 

For instance, take the oppo a31 smartphone, the latest kid on the block. Available in impressive configurations of 4GB RAM plus 64GB storage, and 6GB RAM plus 64GB storage, the smartphone has a three-card slot, giving users options to increase storage to 256GB. This kind of storage is found in many high-end phones. Most Oppo smartphones come with 4000 to 6000mAh batteries that allow users to multitask across toolbars.

Boasting powerful MediaTek octa-core (MediaTek P35 in the A12)  processors, Oppo phones offer great running and versatility to do as you please. AI photography in many of Oppo’s phones gives you elevated levels of photography and videography experience. Most phones come with fingerprint unlock mechanisms, and some phones have facial recognition too. Look out for exciting deals on these phones, especially during festive seasons.

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