How to Wear Whiteout Contact Lenses?

by hasnain.alam

It’s been a while now since coloured contact lenses are in fashion, and the truth is people love them! Teenagers and young adults are the craziest fans of bold and popping eye colours. Not to forget those Whiteout contact lenses, White mini sclera, and full eye coverage White contact lenses are top-selling products and people love to buy them because they give unique yet a very decent look.

You must be wondering what are Whiteout contact lenses, and how are they different from any other White lenses, right? Let us clear your thoughts by telling you that Whiteout contact lenses are full-coverage lenses- usually 22mm in diameter. Once you place them in your eyes, your eyeballs and the white part are no longer visible and entirely covered by the Whiteout contact lenses. Now all people can see is deep White-eyes with some lashes- nothing less nothing more! How does the thought of having White-eyes ultimately make you feel, though?

How to wear Whiteout Contact Lenses?

The most common question asked about Whiteout contact lenses is how to wear them or when to wear them. So, here we will be helping you with both things, so brace yourselves! Wearing Whiteout contact lenses can be a little tricky as compared to wearing lenses with a smaller diameter. It is so because you are usually not used to wearing full coverage lenses and don’t know how to put them on. First things first- learn how to wear Whiteout contact lenses. You should purchase a lens applicator as it will help you place the lense easily and quickly in your eyes. Putting them on with the help of your fingers might require a few reattempts, which can either irritate your eye or put scratches on the lenses, and you don’t want that happening at all! The rules of applying and taking off the Whiteout contact lenses are almost the same. Be very careful while handling them, and don’t forget to keep them clean. Also, make sure you change the lens solution every 3-4 days even if you aren’t wearing them.

When to Wear Whiteout Contact Lenses?

Halloween- There are many occasions when you can wear Whiteout contact lenses. The best time to buy and wear it is around the Halloween season. It is so because it is that time of the year when almost everyone is looking for smart and creative ideas to make their Halloween outfits look better and peculiar than all other people around the world. You can wear these lenses on Halloween and dress up as vampire, zombie, deadman, alien or a witch. Styling up as a scary doll, witch and wizard are also unique ideas.

Carnivals- Other than Halloween, you can wear Whiteout contact lenses on festivals etc. Such events again call for creativity, thrill, and drama! So, why not dress up with your friends as a unique character and show up in the form of a group to surprise or scare people?

Birthday and bachelorette- Theme parties never go out of fashion. As children, we all were big fans of barbies, Disney princesses, batman, spiderman etc. But as we grew up, our interests changed. These days it is more about vampires, devils, witches etc. So, why not do and stick to what’s trending these days? Be it your birthday or a friend’s bachelorette, decide a weirdly exciting theme.  You can always go with the theme of vampire diaries! And, in case you plan on such themes, remember that your best and must-have accessories are Whiteout contact lenses! They will make you look like vampires, devil, witches etc. without making you look fake or extra. For the rest of your appearance, focus on your makeup, especially the eye colour and lip colour because they will shape your entire character! This is going to be more than fun, do give it a try at least once!

Makeup Tips with Whiteout Contact Lenses

We are sure you must have your own makeup ideas in your mind by now, but we have some helpful tips for you too.  At this point, we want you to look at makeup from a different perspective. Don’t consider it as something that can make you look fresh or enhance your features- because we are trying to change our entire appearance this time by pairing up Whiteout contact lenses with makeup. The first thing which you need to decide on is what character you want to look like. If you feel like dressing up as a zombie, open a picture of a zombie on the internet, youtube or wherever you find it easy. Keenly observe the look, and then get up and bring your entire makeup collection. It is also a great chance to utilise your old makeup and get rid of it for once an all. Don’t forget to bring your foundations, concealers and bold lip colours, because we are going to need them all.

Whiteout contact lenses- Now when you are all set and fully equipped, start doing the makeup. Prep your face first by applying a moisturiser and primer. Clean your hands then, and use Whiteout contact lenses with the help of an applicator, and give it some time to settle. You can roll your eyes or blink slowly to adjust them. Don’t start the makeup immediately as water still might be coming out of your eyes. Once you are relaxed, begin again and let those bold White-eyes pop out even more.

Face makeup- Begin with applying a thick layer of concealer followed by foundation. It is better if you use your old foundations, that aren’t so expensive or don’t match your shade because we want a solid foundation, different from your natural shade. We don’t want the “good perfect” here but “crazy perfect”.

Add the thrill and drama- After applying the foundation, either go for deep red cheeks or make patterns on your face. You can go with zig-zag patterns, clouds, devil tail etc. The Louder the colour, the better!

Eye makeup- Moving on to your eye makeup, refrain from White and silver eyes, because you are already wearing Whiteout contact lenses. Instead go for red, green, grey and silver eyeshadows to get into your character!

The bold lips- Your lip colour matters a lot as well! We think you should go for White or maroon lip color to stand out.

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