How to enhance the look of phone cases like Realme 7 back cover

by peter

Have you ever considered to improve the look of your phone cases like Realme 7 back cover by infusing some creativity in it? If not, then you must do so at the earliest to blend some fashion with functionality,

If you have a transparent case, then you can make a simple and clear smartphone case look appealing. A transparent phone case offers an excellent opportunity for people to showcase their artistic creativity. You can think out of the box and transform your clear case into an incredible display of art. Here are some of the simple ways to customise your mobile case and make it look ravishing.

Marbling effect

Have you ever spotted water marbling on anyone’s phone case? Dint it look profusely wonderful? Though it looks complicated, you will be glad to know that the technique to do it is quite simple. If you have a transparent case, then you can customise the same by inculcating unique and bright hues. To give a water marbling effect, drip many colours of nail paint that are readily available at home into a bowl consisting of lukewarm water. You just need to create a swirl the nail polish colour in the water to create a pattern. Now, dip the surface of the case into this swirling water. The same pattern will be fixed to the plastic casing. Dry and transform your simple Realme 7 back cover into a brand-new exceptional design.


Clear cases offer a lot of scope for customisation as you can execute all your creative ideas and innovation. Adding visual features to the outside surface or inside the case of the smartphone is another great idea. You can insert the photos of your beloved or kids, your favourite celebrities, attractive and beautiful landscape, and what not!!

Real flowers

An extremely delightful way to decorate the inside of your smartphone cover is by using pressed flowers. This method of decoration will leave everyone around you, awe-struck. Using the pressure between a smartphone and its transparent case, you can press real flowers in between. You can create a fascinating pattern of flower arrangement. Big and artificial flowers in a bold colour will peep through your phone case to display beautiful ornamentation.

Washi tape

If you want an exquisite contemporary phone case, then consider involving geometric patterns. Washi tape is one of the popular ways to add detail to your phone case craft. Buy washi tape from your local craft store in some different colours and patterns.

You can start from the bottom of your mobile case to cover the outside of the case with washi tape by creating alternating patterns. After you cover the entire case, you must trim the edges using a sharp knife. Do not forget to cut off the camera hole with the knife. You can make horizontal stripes with your washi tape in alternate patterns. Ensure to leave no bubbles and gaps.


Adding glitter is one of the most common and easy ways to detail your phone covers. This idea works for those who buy a phone that has an interesting rose gold backside and finds it disappointing to cover the mesmerising cover with a metallic backing. They prefer not using the phone cover at all! But that is not advised. You can buy a clear Realme 7 back cover and DIY glitter work to provide visual appeal to your smartphone by adding glitz.


If you are looking forward to creating a case that can become a centre of attraction every time you carry your phone, then consider this DIY project. You can add little thread and use a cross-stitching method. The best part of this method of decoration is that you can execute as much creativity as you can. To make this kind of phone case, you will have to buy a blank cross stitch case and then create a design of your choice.

The pleasure of owning a smartphone having an artistic angle cannot be undermined. So, channelise all your energy and combine the creativity to create the exceptional. There is a wide assortment of other phone cover decoration ideas online as well, to take inspiration from!

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