Hippie Mandala Tapestries as your Yoga Tapestry!

by siddharthmkt

The term “Mandala” comes from Sanskrit which means “circles” or a “geometric configuration of symbols”. Mandala is employed for focusing the attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool during the process of meditation. So, generally, a mandala is a round circle or a representation of some sort of deep meaning that it stands for a classic symbol. 

It has updated its version of context as geometrical patterns that represents the energy of the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically from the universe. These featured filled mandalas are screen printed on breathable cotton tapestries to show the energy of infinity that lies in the world and extends beyond within our minds and bodies.

The mandala signifies the inner self and acts as a tool to help in achieving the process of enlightenment, to illuminate the soul with inner peace and serenity during the process of yoga/meditation. 

Why a Mandala Tapestry during your Yoga?

Yes! A mandala designed yoga tapestry can help you to get better focus either during the process of meditation or while practicing yoga. It guides you throughout the process by not breaking your center point. 

According to psychology, a mandala is a symbol of dreams that represents the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. As mandalas are the mirror image of the universe, it has that quality of relieving stress and strain, sharpening our attention and concentration, and diffuses the calming energy every time when our eye passes over the mandala tapestry.

How to choose my Yoga Tapestry?

Modern Mandala Tapestries are available in different colors and each color has its own purpose with real value and meaning. As every colors are very expressive and articulate, find your own color that personifies you with your style and attitude. 

To find your color of love, check out the following 3 steps below:

Step 1: Firstly, decide to what colors you gonna go with?

“Warm colors or Cool colors”

Step 2: If you have chosen Warm Colors, find to which warm color you are going with. Refer to the below section of no. 1 to 3 for a clear description.

Step 3: If you prefer to Cool Colors, pick out to which cool color you are most attracted to. For a better outline, refer to the below sections of no. 4 to 8.

  1. Red Mandala Tapestry 

Red mandala tapestries are known for their power, passionate, ferocious, memory, life force, and leadership.

  1. Orange Mandala Tapestry 

Orange mandala tapestries personify oneself for their creativity, self-awareness,  and transformation. So, a person who personifies this quality will choose orange mandala tapestries.

  1. Yellow Mandala Tapestry

Yellow is the world’s happy color and young people with happy minds go with the choice of yellow mandala tapestries. It refers to effort, humility, learning, and happiness. 

  1. Blue Mandala Tapestry
Blue mandala tapestries are known for their calmness, inner peace, and serenity. A person who is longing for purity and wisdom can go with blue mandala tapestries. 
  1. White Mandala Tapestry

White mandala tapestries ultimately focuses on Peace, contemplation, faith, and openness. Go with white tapestries to gain tranquility. 

  1. Black Mandala Tapestry 

Black Mandala tapestries are known for mystery, deep learning, complex, and for showcasing his/her individuality.

  1. Pink mandala tapestry

The pink mandala tapestry is the expression of love, romance, feminine, and intuition. This vibrant comes under calm colors.

  1. Green Mandala Tapestry

Green is the color of nature and green mandala tapestries are known for exorcism, peacefulness, physical healing, and love of nature. A person who would love to have a peaceful meditation can go with green mandala tapestries for harmony.

Shades of mandala tapestries narrated many-sided values of them. Choose one for yourself and present to your nears and dears that personifies your unique style and attitude.

You can prefer to your chosen color of Mandala tapestries on your walls or just as a yoga tapestry for achieving the process of enlightenment and for creating better ambiance under your roof while you practice yoga. It gives you a personalized effect and builds your space of tranquility. Our hippie mandala tapestries are easy to clean and handle and are machine washable. You can find over 10000+ range of artisan-made products with high-grade quality on our official site yogashq.com that is designed in a user-friendly way for easy shopping. So what are you waiting for? Grab one for your space to reflect your creativity!

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