Freelancing and the Pitfalls of Freelance Life

by Lauren Clarke

There are a lot of people that are now preferring freelance work than working in an office. Of course there are still people that are skeptical about the benefits of working freelance online. 

However, their skepticism is also justified due to a number of reasons, and at the same time, it is considered unjustified. There are moments that the skeptics’ opinions are being countered by the results a freelancer does on their jobs.

When I first started, I was an “all know how” guy. Much like a “jack of all trades” guy. All because I knew a lot of stuff, and most of the things that I know how to do involved computers and being online. To be honest, I spend a lot of time on the internet. Just doing my everyday dose of surfing, or even online games. However there are people who tried to convince me that there are more to what is it out there on the internet. Things that I can do, than just play games or surf my social media site, and there it was. 

Online freelancing platforms

I started looking for online jobs, where I can still remain a freelance worker. Where there are just a few projects to do then move on to another client that will present another project. Freelancing is what are some clients do nowadays. All because they can just pay workers cheaply. What more is there are services that offers a lot of online jobs where people can just get work at home tasks. This is where they can spend more time for themselves, or for people with families, spend time with them.

As for my freelancing story, it wasn’t always been a smooth sailing. All because there are times that I could not even feed myself all because I ran out of funds because I could not get a job online and there on. I will need to do some more freelancing work outside the internet so I can feed myself. There are times that the wrong clients show up on my email and will ask me to do something that wasn’t really posted. They ask me to do something that I really do not know how to do.

One job at a time

However, there are times when I do not expect something from any of the potential clients that I have contacted. There are clients that will invite me to be interviewed because they believe that I can do what they are looking for from a freelancer online worker. When this happens, I wish projects will last really long so I will not look for other work. 

This is because I am a person that only sticks to one job at a time. And there is no other way for me to make a safety net of a job. Because I cannot multitask. I give my full attention to the job that has been assigned to me, no matter what.

Here are some freelancing tips and facts that need to be addressed to people that are planning to go freelancing. Then choosing that as a career option rather than the regular jobs that are available to them.

Freelancing work availability

Not all the time is that a freelancer gets a job and gets paid right away. There are times that a freelancer must wait for a long time to get a good client that will stay with them for a long time for long term projects.

Client/employee preference

There are also times that even the most basic client won’t choose those who have the skills because they will prefer someone that’s cheaper to hire. But without skills than those who have the skills but are demanding a higher pay. There is however a way to get around this problem, and that is being competitive with the rates that the worker offers to the client. So that the client will not hesitate to hire the employee or freelancer because of their low rates.

There are times that it takes a lot of time to ask for a raise from an employer, but unlike those regular jobs, it takes a lot less time to get a raise from a client than those who are waiting for a wage hike from a regular job. So be thankful.

Patience and determination is a must

There are those who think that being a freelancer is a great escape and a great way to make excuses on when or how they will submit a project to their clients. Of course the employee has the freedom to work on their own accord and their own time. 

But there are still deadlines that they need to follow because from what some freelancers don’t know, is that the client that they are working with needs the materials ordered from the employee or freelancer to generate income. Which in turn becomes the freelancer’s income as well.

There are more things to remember from being a freelancer. It is really important to know that what you are working for is what you are getting paid at. The client doesn’t just magically make that money they are paying you because it is through you the freelancer that they are earning as well. 


Some freelancers just happen to have the resources. The know how’s and the website where they will post what you have worked for in order for you and them to earn as well. Of course, as a freelancer, you also have the freedom to do these things as well. The truth is just like IT support services, you can’t start one thing unless you really learn how to do them properly as well. 

So as a freelancer, stick with your clients like a precious stone. Take care of them until you can make your own company as well.

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