Enjoy morning adventure in Dubai desert

by peter

In this package, you will be picked up from your residence or hotel in a 4×4 air-conditioned SUV car, in this car you will be accompanied by other fellows who have booked the same package. However, if you want to get a separate transport all by yourself then you can get it by paying an additional cost for the Morning desert safari package. After getting a comfortable ride to the Morning desert safari, you will get to enjoy the following activities


Riding across the desert in a SUV in an adventurous and thrilling way, is known as Dune Bashing. In this ride, the driver drives the car in a way that it leaves you with an adrenaline rush pumping in your body. However, if you have motion sickness problem or not an adventurous person this ride might not be as fun for you as it is for other people because this might give you nausea or travel sickness. If you have any such issue, it is advised to carry shoppers with you to avoid any mishap during this ride.


Morning desert safari does not only provide Dune bashing but it also allows you to enjoy sandboarding on the high dunes of the desert in the morning time. In this activity you can splash the sands of the desert and surf over it with the sand board. You will be given a helmet to protect you from any misfortune. Moreover, you will have trained instructors accompanying you during this activity to protect you and guide you regarding the board.

The only way to remember a trip after its done is by taking a look at its photographs. We understand this and therefore we provide an opportunity to all our customers to get photographed on the high dunes with our professional cameras. These pictures will stay with you for times to come so that you can have a look at them and reminisce the times you spend in the desert with our Morning desert safari package. Looking out for the most adventurous ride in the Desert Safari Dubai? We have it for you. With Morning desert safari package of Desert Safari UAE, you can get the opportunity to only avail the ride of a lifetime the Morning desert safari ride and that in the morning time when the desert is less crowded. Most people visit Morning desert safari, for experiencing the dune bashing in the desert. So, we have made it simple for the people who are looking to only experience the Dune Bashing at the desert with our Morning Dune Bashing package. If you have any questions or queries regarding this question then hang on because we are about to answer all of your queries.


Apart from these activities, few other activities can also be arranged for the people who came for Morning desert safari but the only condition for this is to inform us at the time of booking so that you do not have to face any inconvenience during the package.

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