Electronic Shisha VS Traditional Shisha

by hasnain.alam

Shisha is getting increasingly popular with time, especially in busy cities, such as Karachi. It has become a social trend lately and there has been a lot of curiosity in public about it, such as ‘What is it like?’, ‘What is the Electric Shisha Price In Pakistan?’ and “Is e-shisha better than traditional shisha?’.

Nowadays, even the smallest cafe and restaurant have shisha, where people can meet chit chat and make videos for social media while enjoying this treat. For the people who have no idea what shisha is, shisha is basically flavoured tobacco, which is usually combined with charcoal and is filtered through a pipe containing water. 

The filtration in shisha is thought to give the smokers the unique shisha experience. The tobacco and the water pipe usually last a little over sixty minutes, meanwhile, the smokers are subjected to clouds and clouds of smoke. 

The number of shisha places is increasing at an alarming rate. This is troublesome, as shisha can sometimes be more harmful than cigarettes. However, in comparison to traditional shisha, e-shisha is not too health threatening. 

 Is Shisha The Same As E-cigarettes?

E-shisha or electronic shisha give similar experience as traditional shisha, however, they are not composed of tobacco and neither do they give off smoke. E-shisha is like e-cigarette since they both have a variety of flavours and contain nicotine cartridges. Unlike traditional shisha, electronic shisha usually comes as disposable products, though you can get refillable shisha from the market. 

The major difference between an electronic shisha and electronic cigarette is that electronic shisha produces bigger and thicker clouds of smoke and the flavour is more intense. The smoke, produced by shisha is, however, not real, it is just water vapour that is formed in the internal cartridge of the device and its battery. When the battery is powered, it heats the liquid, which as a result forms water vapour. This vapour is then inhaled and exhaled just the same way as real shisha. 

How Come E-shisha Is Safer?

Since the electronic version of anything isn’t as intense as its conventional version, Electronic shisha does not give an experience as authentic as conventional or traditional shisha. However, the traditional version of Shisha can pose a great health risk, as a matter of fact, tobacco if taken by the conventional shisha method is far more lethal than consuming tobacco by any other way. This is due to the fact that traditional shisha is further mixed with charcoal and various other chemicals to increase the production of smoke.

The fact that E-shisha is devoid of tobacco, makes it fine for you to consume e-shisha indoor public places and the places where tobacco is prohibited. Moreover, tobacco can even be used in buses, cafes and trains. Electronic shisha is also extremely handy, you can easily take them with you. 

Health Hazards By Traditional Shisha

Since shisha has contents of tobacco, charcoal and various additives to produce flavour, it is loaded with undesirable toxins. The amount of tobacco present in shisha is the same as the amount an average cigarette contains. Though the additional contents of charcoal in shisha make it more hazardous. Some people believe that shisha is less harmful than a cigarette, as the content passes through water and this cannot be further from the truth. Another point worth mentioning is that shisha produces a far thicker smoke and one-hour session of shisha produces 600 puffs, which are about the same amount that cigarettes produce.  It has been estimated that the toxins produced by using shisha for one hour are like taking two packets of cigarettes!

E-shisha Might Not Be Completely Safe But It Is Better Than Regular Shisha

The ailments associated with traditional shisha are troubling, to say the least. However, we can assume that most shisha users do not understand the gravity of these dangers. The passing of shisha contents through water is of little significance, as the toxins of shisha travel through water, as easily as they pass through the smoke. Therefore e-shisha is an ideal solution for this problem, as it is not only devoid of tobacco, but it also doesn’t contain charcoal. Furthermore, unlike most conventional shisha or Hookah, E-shisha does not consist of harmful additives to produce flavor.

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