Decorations Inspired by the Works of Gustav Klimt

by peter

Whether a fan of art or not, all of us love to decorate our homes inspired by the work of great artists. One such artist who has inspired generations of people is Gustav Klimt. One of the most influential modernist painters of all time, Klimt’s works are intense, romantic and richly detailed. 

If you want to bring home artifacts inspired by him, we are your one-stop shop for Gustav Klimt prints in Australia

Our designers take inspiration from his art giving a rich and sophisticated aesthetic to your home interiors. This inspiration goes beyond simply hanging a few paintings on the walls and covers a wide range of art products.

If you love his work, we’ve got some unique interior designing ideas for you.

  • Adorn the walls with canvas prints

Gustav Klimt’s paintings make for bright and vibrant art pieces. Canvas prints of some of his best and most popular paintings like The Kiss, Mother and Child, and Tree of Life will infuse life into the walls of your home. We have a wide collection of canvas prints for you to explore. Browse through our entire collection of Gustav Klimt prints and choose the one that resonates with your style.

  • Bring originality into your homes with Klimt’s paintings

Paintings are an evergreen choice for decorating the walls and nothing beats the replica of Klimt’s paintings. Choose any of his paintings and you will fall in love with your home decor. Sparkling and colourful, his paintings are a treat to eyes and soul.

  • Fill those empty spaces with accessories

If you want to embellish your home with something other than prints or paintings, choose accessories inspired by Klimt’s original paintings. Things like cushions, figurines, lampshades, etc. inspired by paintings like The Kiss and Tree of Life will make your home interiors stand apart from others.

Try not to include too many items with the same print to give a more refined look to your home interiors. For instance, if you buy a lampshade, you should avoid buying other accessories with the same artwork. 

Things to keep in mind when you choose Gustav Klimt’s artwork

At times, you will see that decorative items that claim to be inspired by Klimt’s work, are not exact copies of his original work. Rather they feature small details. For example, textiles featuring the swirling branches from the Tree of Life are quite common.

These art pieces help you incorporate Klimt’s original art without going too tacky. They create more fun and dynamic effects for your guests and give them a chance to discover the origins of the patterns.

The shape, the texture, the style, there is so much more to Gustav’s work than just reproducing his paintings. At bestartdeals, we try to incorporate both Gustav Klimt’s original work and elements from his art, into our canvas print designs. So, it’s time to explore our collection and bring home some of his masterpieces.

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