5 Efficient Ways To Reduce Stress During The Stressful Pandemic | How Insurance Can Help

by hasnain.alam

Over the course past several months, the world has been quite shaken by a tiny but lethal virus, Covid-19. The threat and restrictions that this virus has brought with itself can be overwhelming for most of us, however, during times like these you need to keep your calm the most. Being cool and less anxious will help you to cope with this stress fraught situation. It will also enable you to shield yourself better and come up with solutions rather than constantly fretting over the health hazard. For instance, with a positive attitude, an individual staying in Canada to study, will take a pragmatic step and apply for International student insurance.

The clear-headedness will abstain you from going crazy and wondering how you would be able to afford the doctor’s fee if you get infected along with the heavy tuition fee.

JF insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Canada that offers JF international student insurance, to assist international students by covering their health experiences.

Although the ever-rising number of corona-infected patients in the hospital has understandably started to overwhelm us all, it is imperative that we don’t let the situation lose our minds. Humans start to panic, which is a natural psychophysiological reaction to stressful situations. Yet reducing the amount of stress is the key to combating any lasting crises.

1: Protect Yourself By Protecting Your Finances

Taking stress can make you susceptible to many developing heart diseases and medical bills might become another concern for you. Therefore, you need to shield yourself from taking additional stresses, which includes solid financial backing. In order to reduce the risks of financial turmoil, you ought to consider getting Critical Illness health Insurance.

Critical Illness insurance will not only help you with your finances, it will also allow you to focus on your recovery. Disability insurance will also allay your fears by covering your medical fees, and by covering your expenses, in case your conditions prevent you from going to work.

2: Reliable Source Of Information

Since information has a direct relationship with people’s feelings, people should be wary of the speculations and conspiracy theories circling around. They must not allow false and unrealistic news to influence them.

In order to limit the spread of false news and get information regarding COVID-19, you should only trust reliable resources, such as the World Health Organization and Public Health Agency.

3: Limit Your News Consumption

Even the authentic news can be unnecessarily stressful, therefore, set a boundary to your news consumption. You should decide what kinds of media is most important to you and forget the rest. Furthermore, set the schedule for when you would want to access the media.

4: Protect The Vulnerable

Older people and infants are, unfortunately, most susceptible to COVID-19, due to their compromised immune system. This is very fear-inducing, especially for older people as they usually are already dealing with major chronic health issues. Other than the senior citizens, following are the people who are likely to take more stress during these scary times:

  • Teenagers and children
  • Frontline health professionals and other health care providers
  • People with mental ailments
  • People who use alcohol and drugs.

While it is only natural to have anxiety during a pandemic, anxiety to an abnormal extent can be fatal. Because the more anxious you get, the higher is the possibility of you developing serious health issues in future. Heart attack, Cancer and stroke are some of the most common illnesses that are induced by a constant state of anxiety.

This is why reducing stress is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5: Understand The Fight-Or-Flight Response Of Your Body

During extreme stress, our body produces a Fight or Flight response, which is a natural physiological reaction triggered when you face a threat. This response is designed to alert your senses and heighten your immunity. The Fight or Flight response is released by your stress hormones and it occurs by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.  However, being in a prolonged state of Fight or Flight can lead to serious health problems.

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